Kampala Students produce their own movie at school camps

The holiday camps for our sponsored students in Kampala are a time for the...

The holiday camps for our sponsored students in Kampala are a time for the whole Xavier Project team to come together with the students to provide additional support, have fun and provide some extra-curricular learning opportunities for the students. Week One is dedicated to primary and Week Two to secondary. The theme of this year’s camp was about realising potential and exploring individual creativity – which is rarely given by the Ugandan school system.

The Primary students explored this through a variety of activities and lessons that were tailored to their age group. The secondary school camp was led by two Xavier Project volunteers, Martijn Tel and Erika Bojarczuk, who initiated a film workshop for the students. The students were tasked with writing a script, acting, filming, directing and editing the film throughout the course of the week.

It was an exciting venture for the students and an incredible showcase of their different skills coming together. It encouraged them to work as a team and recognise and utilise each other strengths. The film was premiered on the last day of the camp with friends and staff invited for a screening. It was a proud moment for the whole team and the students as we celebrated their collective and individual talents.

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