ENEZA: Tech-education without borders

In 2016 we will be building on our pilot with ENEZA Education to deliver...

In 2016 we will be building on our pilot with ENEZA Education to deliver learning content to thousands refugees all over Kenya via basic mobile phone technology.

ENEZA is a mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) study tool which enables students to access education revision material for all primary subjects via basic mobile phone technology. The content covers every subject on the syllabus – English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Kiswahili, General knowledge and Religious Education. Students can access subject and topic specific quizzes as well as content tutorials/mini lessons via a user-friendly SMS platform.

In 2015, Xavier Project registered 498 students with free subscriptions on the ENEZA service and two of the top performing students won full scholarships for their entire secondary education.

In 2016 we will be expanding the service in Nairobi, and in partnership with USAID and World Vision we will also be delivering it in Dadaab refugee camp.

There has been an on-going quest to find accessible, effective and cost efficient ways to promote quality of education, especially in challenging environments such as conflict zones and refugee camps. At £1 per child per month and with a proven track record, ENEZA is an accessible solution. Through various assessments we have found a strong correlation between the quality of education and retention, and even enrolment. As an example, for refugees, achieving a good score in primary exams is often the main determinant of whether or not they access secondary school.

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