Let’s come together to sponsor a ‘house’ of secondary students

We're looking for groups - friends, families, schools, churches, societies to team together to support young refugees in Kampala.

#OpenDoors for refugee children by sponsoring a ‘house’ of five children through secondary school. We are looking for groups – friends, families, schools, churches, societies to team together to support the young refugees in Kampala, Uganda for the new school year starting in January.
School fees are expensive in Uganda and are a significant barrier to children accessing quality education, especially at secondary level. At Xavier Project, we provide sponsorship to the most promising students to ensure that they can fulfil their potential and works towards better futures. For £250 a month the five students will be supported with school fees, school meals, schools trips, scholastic materials and uniforms. They will also have access to additional learning support through the physical library attached to the Xavier Project office, summer camps and online learning assessments.
Whether there are five or 25 of you sponsoring the house you will all be making an invaluable contribution to improve the rights and protection of these young refugees. In return you will receive regular updates on the progress of your house, and you can name the house after your group.
House Sponsorship explained…
Just as schools in the UK divide students into houses, at Xavier Project we work with our sponsored children to a house system – each house has five secondary pupils. We believe that this helps create a sense of solidarity amongst the refugee students and allows them to support each other through shared challenges at schools.
Each house is mentored by a Xavier Project staff member to ensure that each child’s education is being closely monitored and to provide counsel where required. The house mentor will personally updated you with progress reports, pictures and message from the students three times a year (at the end of each term) and be your point of contact for the house.
To sign up for sponsorship or find out more information please contact: c.thompson@xavierproject.org

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