From secondary school to a full university scholarship – Emmanuel’s story

“What I value most in life is education. I wanted to study and Xavier...

“What I value most in life is education. I wanted to study and Xavier Project gave me the opportunity to go to school. They paid my tuition fees, my school fees, and also provided shopping for me to have a comfortable life in school.”

Emmanuel Kwigenga, 19, is Rwandese. Xavier Project has sponsored him throughout his secondary school education in Nairobi. In December, he completed his O-Levels with top grades.  Thanks to his strong academic performance and his fine  athleticism in running he has received a joint scholarships. We are proud to announce that Emmanuel has been chosen as a Wien International Scholar and will be attending Brandeis University (Boston, USA) in Autumn 2019.

Emmanuel is an exceptional student but he’s not the only one who deserves this opportunity. Please find out how you can support Xavier Project’s work to provide more refugee students with learning opportunities to that will enable them to live fulfilled lives. We believe that every student has the potential to reach their goals when given the proper foundations, and we couldn’t be more.

Read more about our sponsorship programme here.

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