Tamuka Hub Launch – Nairobi

After months of planning and preparation it was hugely exciting to see Tamuka Hub...

40d9c157-f6a2-40cc-b735-06c16dd5f977After months of planning and preparation it was hugely exciting to see Tamuka Hub Nairobi officially open. Back in October the place was nothing but a room with some tables in it; late that month the computers came; November and early December was a mess of wiring, cabling and arcane concepts like DCHP servers, file-transfer protocols and PXE booting, interspersed with more fun activities, like having Xavier Project kids paint us a mural. Classes finally started in January and the response from the refugee community was incredibly positive. Under the masterful direction of our Hub Manger, Douglas Mwangi, students from children to adults are learning how to use computers, engage with the world on social media, and even try their hands at graphic design and website building. So when the Hub Launch rolled around, we were joined not only by various notables from Nairobi’s education and humanitarian communities, but by some of our students too! This was fantastic to see, since it perfectly encapsulates the Hub’s ethos of solidarity, of breaking down the barriers between benefactor and beneficiary, of creating a space that is made what it is by the people who use it.

In the coming weeks we are looking forward to piloting more courses at the Hub, specifically a Money Management course and another in Career Development.

– Dexter Findley, Tamuka Director Kenya

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