From secondary sponsorship to hub trainer – Jean-Marie’s story

“Xavier Project welcomed me at a point where I needed it the most.” –...

“Xavier Project welcomed me at a point where I needed it the most.” – Jean-Marie’s story

Xavier Project met Jean-Marie, a 21-year-old Rwandan refugee in 2015. 

“Meeting Xavier Project, was a big thing for me. I had a challenge paying for my high school. I was hopeless and not knowing if I was going to finish my high school education. When I almost finished high school, I went to Xavier Project. They decided to pay my school fees. They did the best thing that I could have ever thought of.

After high school, I enrolled for the different courses at their Tamuka hub. Learning from the teachers, I was able to get computer skills, business skills and I learned about community mobilisation. 

Later they saw that I had an ability to speak to people and to understand things quickly. They wanted me to use my skills to help other refugees. Two years on I am now a trainer at the Kivuli hub in Nairobi. It has not always been easy, but with the support Xavier Project has been given me, I keep growing as a trainer. They really did the best for me.”

Jean-Marie is one of the best teachers we have. For his students, he is a wellspring of enthusiasm and inspiration – in fact I’d say he’s one of the most talented teachers I’ve ever encountered. We are incredibly lucky to have him working for XP. As Kenyans say, “he’s come from far” – and it’s been a privilege to walk this part of his journey with him.

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