Solidarity Initiative for Refugees create 3D printed keyrings and bookmarks in Kakuma

As part of a 3D printing course that is underway in Kakuma Refugee Camp, some of the students have developed products that they can sell to generate their own income.

Xavier Project and its RLO partner Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR) have been implementing a 3-D printing project in Kakuma. The project allows the youth to utilize their creativity in coming up with different 3-D printable product designs which they can produce and sell thus enabling them earn an income to support themselves and supplement the basic needs of their families. Some of the items they’ve been able to come up with are: key holders, book markers and plastic toys which they’ve managed to sell at their local markets for a profit. SIR is a refugee led organization that specializes in ICT & education and they were very glad to partner with Xavier Project on this special project as an extension to their advanced ICT course. Currently SIR have equipped over 50 youth with the 3-D printing skills and they plan on reaching out to many more youth in future.

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