Accelerated Learning Programme in Nairobi hubs

Our Accelerated Education Programme (AEP) gives adult refugees the opportunity to access fast-track primary school education. The programme which is running at centres in Nairobi is offering refugees who due to age and displacement were not able to access formal schooling in their home countries or since arriving in Kenya. Across three hubs in Nairobi, covering the main refugee settlement areas Eastleigh, Kitengela and Umoja around 130 students are currently enrolled in our AEP classes. The AEP programme is specially designed to give mature students the opportunity to fast-track through the syllabus and in just three years our students cover the primary curriculum that is normally taught across the eight years of common primary school. 

Receiving a basic education gives these opportunities to integrate into their new societies and more likelihood of achieving socio-economical independency. Our hope is that these students will then be motivated to continue beyond the primary programme and enrol into secondary education following their completion of the course. We wish our students all the best for their studies in the year ahead!

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