Literacy Teacher Training in Kampala and Kiryandongo

Literacy is one of the most basic and most fundamental aspects that leads to quality education if delivered properly and following the methods appropriately.

This year, Xavier Project trained a number of teachers on the teaching of literacy both at St. Paul Primary School in Kampala and Bidongo Primary School in Kiryandongo, one of the refugee settlement schools around the camp. 16 teachers came from St. Paul and 29 from Bidongo targeting the delivery of quality education to the refugees.

The new teaching methods are now being delivered in classes at both schools. Seven teachers took the responsibility of leading literacy sessions, whilst students who performed particularly well helped in guiding the rest of the group, as well as introducing reading and writing clubs. By using the Jolly Phonics curriculum, it has improved the communication, word articulation and pronunciation of words and interpretation of written symbols. Thank you to everyone who participated and made these sessions such a success.

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