Improving education in partnership with Kitengela schools

Over the past months Xavier Project has worked hard to gain connections to primary schools in Kitengela, Nairobi. This has been achieved successfully at three schools in particular: EFA academy, Unique Education Centre and Royal Preparatory Academy. Volunteers have spent a number of days at each school developing relations with teachers and students. From entertaining the children at the schools with music and sport, to assisting the teachers in their lessons, the volunteers have had a valuable impact on local schools and in the community on the whole.

The headteacher at Royal Preparatory Academy noted that a week after the volunteers’ visit, requests to enrol at the school have skyrocketed. It is notable that Royal Preparatory Academy has a total of 200 refugee children, out of a total of 300 pupils. Therefore nurturing a long-term relationship with this school would be a logical development for Xavier Project. Xavier Project aims to work together with these local schools to improve education in the area and secure the enrolment of more refugees to full time education.

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