Xavier Project opens Amani Learning Centre in partnership with UNHCR

In December Xavier Project were proud to see the Amani Learning Centre officially launch on Mombasa Road in Nairobi. The space has been opened in partnership with UNHCR as an after school-learning centre for Congolese, Burundi, South Sudanese and Rwandan refugees aged between 5-17 years old.

The learning space offers children from the surrounding area of Kitengela a place to go after school to get help with their homework and any other learning needs they have. It also provides a variety of resources, including books, quizzes and games from which the children can study in groups or independently. There are two full-time teachers who will be supported by volunteers to mentor and support the children. During term time there can be up to 80 children per day attending the centre and during the holidays it can receive as many as 150 children per day.  Xavier Project volunteers have been very involved in decorating the hub to make it a safe space and a welcoming learning environment. They designed posters and other learning materials to enhance the students’ language and literacy skills. A BIG thanks to all these volunteers for their hard work!