Xavier project launches ENEZA programme in Turkana North and West

After the successful launch of Eneza, an SMS based revision tool in Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps, this month saw Xavier Project roll out the Eneza programme to two schools in Turkana North and West sub counties. Thanks to the support of Windle Trust, Kenya the team was able to introduce Napetet and Makutano primary schools in Turkana North and South respectively to the tools. The ENEZA programme serves as an incentive to attract out of school children back to school and to improve retention. In each school, 50 out of schools children were targeted in addition to other enrolled students.

About Eneza;

Eneza programme is a mobile Short Messaging Service (SMS) study tool which enables children in class 4,5,6,7 and 8 students to access academic material covering all primary examinable subjects and general knowledge. The content developed under ENEZA covers every subject on the approved Kenyan primary curriculum.

The journey

Xavier Project team departed from Nairobi on 20th September 2016. The teams mandate was to launch ENEZA programme in two schools located in Turkana North and South sub counties. The project schools selected by Windle Trust Kenya were Napetet and Makutano primary school in the North and South respectively. ENEZA programme under the OOSC programme serves as an incentive to attract out of school children back to school and ensure retention was maintained. In each school, 50 OOSC were targeted in addition to retention of other enrolled students.

Sensitization Meetings

Xavier Project with help of Windle Trust Kenya- education officer in-charge of the programme and head teacher successfully organized for sensitization meeting in each school. These meetings were held separately in each school. School administration, PTA/BOM, parents, teachers and students leadership were all represented in the meeting. It is during this occasion where the parties are introduced to ENEZA programme and requested to support its implementation. The invited parties also witnessed handover of ENEZA programme hardware donated to the school to support implementation of the programme.

The following were donated in each school and contract of handover signed and stamped by head teachers and Xavier staff;

  1. 50 mobile phones – new with batteries and chargers provided.
  2. 50 fully registered (Under Xavier Project) Safaricom lines