A pledge for gender parity: International Women’s Day

On 8th March 2016 UNHCR and implementing partners celebrated International women’s day in Nairobi, honouring achievements and progress made by women and girls with a focus on refugees.

International women’s day, celebrated in Kasarani, saw different people coming together to step up for gender equality.  There were various performances throughout the day, from Rwanda’s Indangamirwa dance group to Uganda’s traditional dance troop, poetry and drama. Everyone in attendance got to experience the different cultures present in Nairobi and engage with the overarching theme: importance of gender parity.

Among the activists for gender parity was the “L’ Afrikana” a group of three refugee men who set out to empower refugee women by starting a sewing school for them.  The men had seen the struggles of finding work for women around them and how this made them more vulnerable.

Photo: L’Afrikana (Credit UNHCR Kenya)