From XP School Graduate to XP Employee

Starting last December, Tamuka has given ten of our XP-sponsored school graduates the opportunity to work with Xavier Project as community liaisons. They are working alongside our staff in our outreach and Hub programmes, gaining valuable career experience and a basic income.

This has been made possible by a new donor funding the expansion of our Tamuka hub programme. In Nairobi we will go from one hub to five and in Kampala we will be expanding from one to two hubs. These hubs will be run by management committees made up of refugees from the communities they aim to benefit. As such, the users will contribute to the content offered, enabling an on-going process of refinement in the the courses we teach and the learning content we make available. Giving skills and ultimately promoting sustainable livelihoods for refugees will in turn give a better chance to the children of these refugees when accessing quality education and we hope to integrate these opportunities and monitor our impact closely. This summarises two of our themes for 2016: holistic community focus and integrated monitoring and evaluation.