Easter Camp in Uganda

Reading, debates, community service, art projects, games, field trips!

During the course of two weeks over 100 of Xavier’s sponsor and community children joined the team in Uganda to participate in lots of exciting activities. From rope making and mat weaving to debating and even a trip to ‘The Uganda Museum‘, children and staff learnt and had fun together!

The field trip to the museum was a highlight, with 72 children squeezing into buses and taxis, taking over the museum grounds and participating in an educational tour around the exhibits. All students continued to spend the afternoon exploring ‘Land Art’, working with nature to produce group led artworks using leaves, flowers, grasses and even a giant African Snail! – A huge thanks to Linda, the museum coordinator, for inviting all the children to learn and play for the afternoon.

Secondary year students went on to volunteer their services at ‘Missionaries of the Poor‘, a local charity in Kampala. MOTP offers care in the community to many orphans and children with complex needs. Xavier students took mobile library books to read, helped with feeding at lunch time and lent a hand with chores around the grounds. The experience was a first for many of the pupils. Being exposed to the plight of other children in the city was eye opening and especially inspiring for several students who expressed their hope to continue to work with disadvantaged children in the future.

The camp came to an end with games, quizzes and a movie!