92fa2e02-20ff-49af-898d-1146daf3b093Xavier Project has been working on a new theatrical programme! It’s called OnStage 2015 and it’s all about using drama to demonstrate the problems that urban refugees face. Over the last few months our volunteer, Hew Rous-Eyre, has written a script and secured the fantastic Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End. The play, Leftovers, shall be performed from 1st- 6th June and we want you all to be there! Tickets are already on sale here.

Leftovers is all about using drama and comedy to portray refugees as distinctive individuals with their own charms, quirks, virtues and flaws. We want to highlight the characters behind the label “refugee” and emphasize the individuality that often gets lost when discussing statistics and percentages.

However in order to get Leftovers on the stage, we need your help. We are currently setting up a crowdfunding Kickstarter will last for 30 days. In order to pay for props, costumes, rehearsal space and set design we need all the help we can get to make Leftovers as successful as possible. We want to use Leftovers to raise awareness in a creative and engaging way and together we can achieve this.