The Education department aims to increase access to quality education delivered in a safe space for refugee children. We believe that education provides protection and is the best possible tool to help refugees access equal opportunities.

By working in solidarity with community-run organisations, schools, national and international education bodies we are successfully able to deliver pioneering programmes to thousands of students across East Africa. We achieve this through school sponsorship, scholarship programmes, extra-curricular activities, teacher trainings and using innovative pedagogical approaches that enhance children’s learning opportunities in urban and settlement settings.

Our Impact

Children sponsored to go to school
Schools we are working with to improve the quality of learning for refugee students
Children learning hubs across East Africa

Updates on Education

  • Sponsor a ‘house’ and support us in our mission in 2019

    Bring together your friends, family or colleagues this new year to sponsor the education of a group of refugee students in Kenya.

    22 January 2019
  • Young refugees learning game design with Nairobi Play

    The Nairobi Play project is supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and implemented by Xavier Project (XP) in partnership with Nairobi Play (NP). It has an overall objective of supporting refugee youth in Nairobi and Kakuma with skills on computational thinking, basic programming and intercultural competency (IC). In order to the support the

    2 November 2018
  • Teachers for Teachers training in Imvepi Refugee Settlement

    Earlier this month some members of the Uganda Education team headed to Imvepi Refugee Settlement in the West Nile region to deliver a week long workshop to 29 Primary School teachers who work in schools in the local area. The content of the training was widely inspired by the introductory training pack of an extensive

    10 October 2018
  • Construction of our newest community hub kicks off in Imvepi, Uganda

    In response to the huge influx of South Sudanese refugees crossing the border into northern Uganda in 2017 we are proud to share that we have received funding to build a children’s learning hub in Imvepi Refugee Settlement. Young refugees in the settlement face a number of challenges with accessing education – limited schools and

    19 July 2018