Young refugees learning game design with Nairobi Play

The Nairobi Play project is supported by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and implemented by Xavier Project (XP) in partnership with Nairobi Play (NP). It has an overall objective of supporting refugee youth in Nairobi and Kakuma with skills on computational thinking, basic programming and intercultural competency (IC).

In order to the support the above objective, Nairobi Play and Xavier Project have developed an innovative game design and IC curriculum for refugees, to be delivered in two hour sessions for a total of 42 hours. This consists of a coding component to support the development of programming skills, as well as class exercises to improve the IC skills.

The classes are conducted in learning centres in Nairobi and Kakuma. The students in Nairobi learn at hubs located at Umoja and Kaberia, as well as at a learning centre run by L’Africana, a community based organisation (CBO) we’ve collaborated with. In Kakuma, students learn at three learning centres managed by refugee CBOs whom FXP has supported: Solidarity Initiative for refugees (SIR), URISE Initiative for Africa (URISE) and Solidarity & Advocacy with Vulnerable Individuals in Crisis (SAVIC).

Since February 2018, 15 facilitators have received comprehensive training to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum, with 300 students aged 14 – 18 having participated in the project to date.

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